Electronic Egg Boiler – 14 Eggs at a time


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Electronic Egg Boiler – 14 Eggs at a time

Product Description

 Electric Egg Cooker | 2-Tier | has Egg-Right Technology which circulates steam to cook eggs to the exact degree of hardness you prefer.

Measure the amount of water that corresponds to hard, medium or soft boil.

Makes poached eggs and omelettes with interchangeable pans.

Contains Standby mode which helps to prevent overcooking.

When eggs are done, automatically shuts off and indicator light goes out

Has vented see-through lid.

Consists of 2 egg trays, each holds 7 eggs.

Has extender ring for using both egg trays at once.

Contains poaching tray and omelette tray

360 watts of power

Cord measures 20″ L

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